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Succubus Demon Outfit

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‎‧₊˚✧Asset Details✧˚₊‧

Made from scratch in Zbrush, textures made in SP.

This asset includes:

♡ 2 FBX file's and 2 Textures
♡ base color, normal map, height map, metallic map and roughness map
♡ Weightpainted to Zinpias Fit Base (Heel Foot)
♡ High Poly and Low Poly Version (can be decimated even more if you'd like)

Please have basic Unity and Blender knowledge prior to buying my assets ♡

Rules and TOS

♡You must credit me correctly when using my assets, this includes listing each asset used, providing my full discord tag (cybermami.), and linking back to the specific asset pages on my shop or linking my whole store AT MINIMUM, (

♡My assets may be used ONLY on finished models. You may not use parts from it to create your own asset for sale. This includes commissions. If someone is to commission you to use this asset, it must be on a finished model created by you ONLY. In the event of asset swaps for existing models for sale, they must also own the asset themselves.

♡You CANNOT use my assets taken from another creator's model, you MUST get it from my store to be able to use it in any way.

♡Do NOT re-sell these assets/models in ANY way. Even edited/with modification, the resale of the assets and it's parts is prohibited.

♡Do NOT redistribute these assets in ANY way. This includes 3rd party sites, forums, sharing websites, discord servers, sharing with friends etc. (if they want it, please link them to it)

♡Free assets CAN be used on FREE models. They may also be used for private, public or for sale models.

♡Your license to use the asset/ model is ONLY valid if you provide the correct information at checkout (discord + vrc username). If you do not provide these there is no tangible proof that you got this asset legally.

♡Failure to adhere to terms of service will result in fines and legal action. You may be asked to cease and remove as well.

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Succubus Demon Outfit

4 ratings
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